Blended CELTA Online Course

British Study Centres calls all interested teachers to join their Blended CELTA Online this summer! This is a joint project run by BSC Manchester and BSC Ukraine and provides a unique CELTA delivery model for the Ukrainian market.

BSC Manchester offers a variety of full-time, part-time and online teacher training courses run by a friendly team with many years of experience in teaching English both in the UK and abroad. The School is proud to have received the honour of ‘Best Teaching Qualifications Centre in the UK’ at a special centenary conference celebrating 100 years of Cambridge English in 2013.

Why blended CELTA online?

The blended delivery model allows for flexibility. The candidate can fit the course around work and personal commitments. Collaborative online study means that candidates must complete assignments, online tasks, and units on time, but can work flexibly, where and when it suits them to carry out the work. There is also quite a lot of community work, including forums and live rooms, which helps candidates feel part of a group.


This will be an 11-week course that consists of theoretical components and practical teaching opportunities. Teaching Practice (TP) takes place every day, Monday to Friday, in weeks 6, 7, 8 and 9 and will be conducted by professional trainers from British Study Centres Manchester or other BSC centres in the UK. On a 12-candidate course candidates are put into teaching groups of 6. TP is usually scheduled for 3 hours a day with a maximum of 3 candidates teaching at each level (elementary and intermediate) each supervised by 1 tutor delivering a 45-minute lesson.

The lesson planning, TP, evaluation and feedback on the course is face-to-face, and candidates have the same experience as candidates who opt for the 4-week face to face CELTA course.

Teaching Practice will be held at the BSC Ukraine venue in Kyiv.

Course Dates:

11-week course = 17th June to 30th August 2019




BSC Manchester CELTA/Delta Trainers:

  • Vanna Carter
  • Pam Womack
  • Gaby Sanderson
  • Katie Fielding
  • Brian Swash
  • Rachel Kilner


1055 GBP (36 955 UAH). Early bird by 20th of May 955 GBP* (33 455 UAH)



Hi, I’m Vanna Carter. I am the Teacher Training Co-ordinator at BSC Manchester where I have been for 18 years. I have over 35 years’ experience in the EFL industry as both a teacher since 1977 and teacher trainer since 1995. I take part in and oversee the delivery of all teacher training courses including part-time and full-time CELTA, Delta and teacher immersion courses. In addition to having Cambridge teacher trainer status for CELTA and Delta programmes, I am also a CELTA assessor and Delta assessor and examiner.

Blended CELTA Online Course